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Thursday, February 9, 11am PST / 2pm EDT / 8pm CET

Easy Previs and Scene-building with mocap: Live Workshop on Rokoko Video

Ready to bring your storytelling to the next level? Sign up for our free AI-powered mocap workshop to learn how to build and previs your scenes in Unreal Engine.

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Previs for free and create your next masterpiece

Previsualization is a crucial part of any production that enables you to experiment with story concepts, optimize your time and resources, and refine your ideas into a cohesive vision. Join our workshop and get the free tools and useful techniques to save precious production time to really bring your project to the next level.

Win a pair of Smartgloves ($1495) and 5 individual Face Capture licenses (5x $600)

Sign up and join a raffle for a free pair of Smartgloves and 5 individual Face Capture licenses! We’ll be picking the lucky winners attending the webinar live.

Meet your host, Sam lazarus, Creative Director for Rokoko.

During the workshop, you will

  • get an easy practical workflow for character animation with our free AI mocap tool Rokoko Video, including recording, clean-up, and exporting into the 3D software of your choice
  • pick up the best tips on determining which mocap solution is best for your particular project
  • get a live scene-building demo with multiple characters in Unreal
  • learn the benefits of previz and how can it elevate your next project with a practical scene walkthrough
  • discover how to best use Rokoko Video to previz your scenes for quick iterations and to elevate your artistic overview and control
  • get a chance to win a pair of Smartgloves + 5 individual Face Capture licenses in the raffle
  • be a part of a live Q&A with our Creative Director Sam and a team of dedicated Rokoko panelist ready to answer any of your questions
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