Launch for Apple's M1 MacBook Pro showcasing Smartsuit Pro II

Live online event - 
May 23, 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 8pm CEST

The Power of Real-time Motion Capture - Body, Finger and Face Tracking

Discover how top animators elevate their storytelling using our all-in-one mocap hardware.

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Sign up now for our free live workshop and discover how you can easily animate your characters or create incredible live performances. Our Creative Director Sam Lazarus will guide you through the endless possibilities of full-body tracking, whether you're in animation, VFX, GameDev or other content creation.

Experience the power of real-time mocap

With our intuitive system, you can transform any space into your own mocap stage and see how your movements are translated onto your characters in real-time, giving you full control and efficiency. Whether you are a solo creator or a studio, motion capture is a powerful tool that can speed up your workflow and bring an unparalleled level of realism to your stories.

More Raffle Prizes than ever before

And if that wasn't enough, when you sign up, you'll automatically be entered into a raffle for a chance to win our Full Performance Capture Bundle worth $4,395 - including the Smartsuit Pro II, Smartgloves, Face Capture, and Rokoko Studio Pro license.

We're also giving away Rokoko merchandise packs and Motion Library credits to a few lucky winners attending the webinar live.

During the workshop, you will:

  • learn how the Smartsuit Pro II, Smartgloves, and Face capture can breathe life into your characters
  • discover recent firmware and software improvements that increase tracking quality, significantly decrease magnetic interference and unlock exciting new features
  • experience specific use cases like dynamic motions, multi-level stairs, piloting MetaHuman and live-triggered particle generation
  • get a practical, A-Z walkthrough of our free Studio software for easy recording, cleaning, retargeting and exporting of your data
  • retarget and live-stream your mocap data to Unreal Engine & Blender with the Rokoko plugin to transfer your motions on to different characters
  • enter a big live raffle for a Full Performance Capture ($4395) + more small raffles for Motion Library credit, exclusive Rokoko swag and KitBash3D Cargo licenses
  • participate in alive Q&A with Rokoko's team answering your most burning questions

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your storytelling to new heights with our all-in-one mocap studio.

Sign up now for our free live workshop and discover the easiest way to bring your characters to life!

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