Juan Antonio Ecija - Using mocap in VFX

August 7, 2019
5 min read

Meet Juan Antonio, a visual effects supervisor for the Barcelona-based studio, Linea-64. WIth over 8,000 visual effects shots for many television series and films, Juan and his team have plenty of experience working with 3D visual effects. They set out to find a mocap solution that was quick to set up and providing top quality results. They found their match in our Smartsuit Pro!

Juan explains that it only takes a few short minutes to get set up in the suit. Once you’re in the suit, it’s just a matter of calibrating it by pressing the ‘Straight Pose’ button in our Rokoko Studio software and then you’re ready to capture your movements. The ease of being able to utilize the suit without the need for additional cameras makes it accessible anywhere. In the video, Juan shows how easily he’s able to use the suit within confined areas.

"It is very complicated to achieve realistic results by animating in a traditional way, so it’s essential to have a motion capture suit. The Rokoko Smartsuit offers an unbeatable quality for the price"

With the current project they're working on, they are able to quickly create multiple actions to be used across multiple characters. Using traditional methods would take too much time, but with the Smartsuit Pro they are able to work intuitively, chase spontaneous ideas without having to book a studio or spend weeks animating by hand. That is why the Smartsuit Pro has become such an integral part of their workflow

One thing you might not know about when purchasing a Smartsuit Pro is that you do have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Juan explains how this factored into his decision to go forth with purchasing his suit. He knew that if he wasn’t satisfied with it, he could return the suit and get his money back. Thankfully, he loved his suit and has not wanted to return it. We’re confident that many other users would have a similar experience as Juan. :)

Want to follow Juan’s work with Linea-64? Stay tuned to their website here.

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