Rokoko mocap tools review by Director & 3D Generalist Onur Erdurak, aka Blendreams

October 24, 2023
10 min read

We asked Onur (aka Blendreams), whose story we recently featured on the "Artsist Spotlight" section of our blog, if he was interested in sharing his own unbiased review of the Rokoko mocap tools. As always with Onur, he enthusiastically jumped on it and you can see the result below. Happy watching!


Onur kicks off the video expressing his excitement after a long wait for a motion capture kit from Rokoko, called the Full Performance Capture bundle. The unboxing reveals a quality box, stickers, and a suit cover bag. Onur introduces the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro II and Smartgloves, expressing gratitude for Rokoko's sponsorship. The anticipation is palpable as he looks forward to animating characters using body and finger movements.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Onur unboxes the Rokoko motion capture tools, appreciating the quality of the packaging. He highlights the futuristic feel and notes the wireless capabilities of the suit. The bag and gloves add to the overall excitement. Onur emphasizes the significance of the moment, having dreamed of this for years.

Rokoko Motion Capture Features

Onur explains the two types of motion capture: inertial and optical. The Rokoko Smartsuit Pro II utilizes inertial motion capture, relying on accelerometers to determine the actor's position in 3D space. It is praised for being completely wireless, with data transmission to the computer via WiFi. The Smartgloves, for finger tracking, offer the same ease of use but with extra tracking precision thanks to EMF sensor technology. Onur envisions this as a life-changing tool for animation, sharing his initial experience using it in the recent animation "The Gatekeeper."

Motion Capture Cleanup and the Rokoko Studio software

Onur discusses the necessity of cleanup after a motion capture session and clarifies that the animations in the explainer video are raw data from the suit. He highlights the suit's wireless functionality, requiring only a battery and Wi-Fi. The Rokoko Studio app on the computer allows for corrections and enhancements. Onur directs viewers to Rokoko's valuable YouTube channel for additional tutorials and resources.

Rokoko's New Products - Coil Pro and Headrig

Onur introduces Rokoko's upcoming products, Coil Pro and Headrig, both available for pre-order at a discount until shipping starts in January 2024. Coil Pro is a motion capture device using EMF technology that supercharges the tracking capabilites of the Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves, both in terms of tracking accuracy and features, as explained here. He shares his excitement about potential use cases, especially for on-set actor interactions. Onur expresses anticipation for Headrig, predicting it to be the best face motion capture rig solution on the market.

Rokoko Vision - No Suit Required

Onur introduces Rokoko's other motion capture solution, Rokoko Vision. This free option works with phone cameras or webcams. The option of using two cameras, for more accurate tracking, is also mentioned, though it comes with a 14-day free trial after which a subscription is needed. Rokoko vision is a great option for those who may not opt for a full suit but still want to delve into motion capture.


In this video, Onur enthusiastically unboxes and showcases Rokoko's motion capture tools, expressing immense joy after a long-awaited dream. The motion capture tracking accuracy, wireless functionality, and potential for transformative animation are emphasized. The video also delves into Rokoko's new products, Coil Pro and Headrig, foreseeing groundbreaking applications. Rokoko Vision, a no-suit-required motion capture solution, is introduced for broader accessibility.

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