VRChat: Quickest live body tracking workflow with Rokoko Studio & Smartsuit Pro II

May 24, 2023
5 min read

As part of the recent Studio 2.4. release, we were very excited to announce an integration for VRChat, allowing users to have accurate body tracking and avatar customization inside VRChat in real-time with the Smartsuit Pro II.

Below, please find a summary of the key steps in setting up live mocap and body tracking in VRChat with Rokoko tools based on Sam's video tutorial.

1. Setting up the Connection

The initial step is to establish a connection between the Rokoko motion capture suit, Smartsuit Pro II, and VRChat. It involves finding the Wi-Fi IP address in the Oculus Wi-Fi settings, that then need to be entered into the live streaming settings in Rokoko Studio. Additionally, Sam mentions setting the port to 9000 to ensure the connection is established properly.

2. Connecting to VRChat

Here, Sam demonstrates the connection to VRChat using the Open Sound Control (OSC) feature. By enabling the OSC and checking the OSC debugger, it is confirmed that the Smartsuit Pro II is successfully connected to VRChat. This integration allows for real-time tracking and synchronization of movements between the physical body and the virtual avatar.

3. Full Body Tracking Calibration

This calibration step enables users to accurately map their leg movements to their virtual avatars, enhancing the immersive experience in VRChat.

4. Avatar Customization and showcasing in VRChat

Sam highlights the versatility of avatar customization in VRChat. By utilizing the Rokoko motion capture suit and full body tracking, users can embody various characters such as mushrooms, burger cats, or any other virtual character.

We are thrilled to be able to offer a streamlined workflow of connecting the Smartsuit Pro II to VRChat, offering users the opportunity for full body tracking and immersive avatar customization. We have built the integration to be a simple as our other plugins, from setting up the connection and connecting to VRChat to calibrating. This workflow opens up a range of possibilities for VRChat users to explore and express themselves within the virtual world.

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