Loacher Films - Youtube star powered by Unreal and Rokoko

“An inertial suit can be used pretty much anywhere - if I’m using motion capture I want to use it for everything. Not just simple animations, I want to run, I want to fall, I want to do stunts… I was impressed on every front by the Rokoko Smartsuit so that’s why I chose it.”
Loacher Films
Loacher Films is the viral Youtube channel focusing on making Star Wars and the Halo short films. Loacher Films’ workflow is clean and efficient - after recording mocap using the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro, he processes and retargets the data in Maya, and then can jump into Unreal Engine to put the scenes together. Following the cultural success of The Clone Wars and the re-release of the Halo games, Péter has drilled down into the personal struggles of the characters we often don’t get to see up close. Although self trained as an animator, Péter has been folding the Rokoko tools into his workflow with great success.
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